Small Business Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping to tax preparation services

Bookkeeping, accounting services and tax preparation tailored to meet your small business needs. 


SynkBooks is headquartered in Los Angeles. We have a team of accountants and licensed professionals to work with you as a team and provide the accounting services your business needs to flourish and grow. We work with small businesses that generate under $5 million dollars in revenue, S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, sole proprietors, partnerships and independent contractors. Our main focus is to tailor our services to meet your bookkeeping and tax preparation needs. Let us help you so you can continue to grow your business. Even though our bookkeeping and tax preparation company is in Los Angeles, we work remotely with many other companies in other states. Why do people work with us? We offer a plethora of services that customers desire:


Quick response: We have learned from our new customers that one reason they left their old accountant or bookkeeper is because their professional did not communicate well with them. They took a long time to respond or never responded to the client at all. We offer you a dedicated team of 3 professionals: a bookkeeper, an account manager and a professional lead.


Up to date bookkeeping: We give you real time bookkeeping and because we use our own bookkeeping platform we can give you up to date tax projections. That way you have a real-time bookkeeping perspective and a real time tax projection.


Easy to understand reports: Our profit and loss statements and tax return preview are easy to understand. We make it easy for you to understand what is going on in your business financially.


Dedicated bookkeeper and team: You will have one dedicated bookkeeper that will handle the data entry and categorization of your bookkeeping. You will have an account manager that will oversee the bookkeeper and meet with you for your scheduled monthly meetings. You will have one licensed or certified professional lead that will oversee the bookkeeper and account manager to make sure your needs are met.


Tax services: Aside from bookkeeping we also offer tax preparation services. Since we are doing your bookkeeping we like to also handle the tax preparation needs of your small business. Let us take a look and see if it is a good fit for everyone.


Catch up on your bookkeeping: Our team comes from a tax litigation background so we know all about companies that just get behind on their bookkeeping needs. Don’t worry we will get you caught up so you focus on your business.


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